Do You Ever Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night But Can’t Move Your Body? Here’s The Reason

Imagine this,

You are sleeping on your bed like any other normal night. Then all of a sudden you wake up. Ok, it’s all right, we all get awaken up at night. But wait for a second, you can’t move. Although you are trying but you can’t. Now you try to move your head up, but this seems like an impossible task.

You can’t even move your head. Breathing is getting difficult. You can feel someone sitting on your chest and not letting you move. Try screaming for help but you can’t even open your mouth. This ended up for almost a minute and everything is normal now.

It sounded like a horror movie scene. But this is what many people has actually experienced at night. They feel like someone is sitting on their chest and not letting them move.

According to experts, this is not dangerous. They have scientific explanations for this phenomenon. This weird experience is actually called sleep paralysis.

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