Do You Ever Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night But Can’t Move Your Body? Here’s The Reason

People experience sleep paralysis when they shift their different sleep stages. Or we can say in and out of REM sleep.

REM or Rapid Eye Movement is a process of shifting to sleep mode due to which we can’t move. So when we wake up during this process we experience sleep paralysis. It can be really frightening but isn’t dangerous at all.

Daniel Denis, a researcher at the sleep paralysis explains the process perfectly.

“When you’re experiencing sleep paralysis, you become conscious. The idea is that your mind wakes up but your body doesn’t.” 

Many people feel someone else’s presence in their room. But researchers have no idea about this.

Why it happens to some people only?

Most of the people who wake up at night can move easily. However, people who can’t move experience sleep paralysis.

How to tackle it when one is experiencing it?

The only thing you can do is not to try anything. Just keep yourself relax and don’t fight with it. Because fighting it will make you more terrified. Instead just wait and let it get calm.

If you had experienced one too, then share with us your experience of sleep paralysis.

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