Taking Girlfriend To A Park? Think Twice Before Doing So

One could easily find love birds in Delhi. They could be seen strolling around the city days and night. There are various places they check out to spend some quality time together. Guys like taking girlfriend to places like include malls, hotels, and various parks.

But there is one such place where you will find couples hanging around 24/7. It is in Dilli Ka Dil, Connaught Place. Amidst the diverse crowd, one could notice innumerable couples around.

If you go further into Central Park, there are always so many sitting behind bushes. The ambiance is always romantic because of them. Single or people hanging around in groups find these folks quite entertaining.

Such is the plight of couples in India. They cannot kiss each other in public. They have to hide somewhere to perform such activities. Some are lucky enough to have a house but not everyone.

Indians are not so much comfortable with kissing around in public. They find it against the rules and cannot stand such people.

You might yourself have experienced this thing when some uncle and aunty scolded you for roaming around with your boyfriend. You know very well that he is just your friend but being addressed in such a manner is so humiliating.

Here is a video which shows the bad outcomes if one will ever think of taking their partners to a park next time.

taking girlfriend

People in the society complained to the police that these couples are ruining the healthy environment of the park with their dirty activities.

The police took immediate action and found couples red-handed in objectionable condition. Some they released with a warning while others they scolded real well.

Watch here-

Taking girlfriend to such places could be dangerous! Think twice before doing so.

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