This is What Raju Srivastava Said About Kapil And Its Shocking!

As we all know, Comedy King Kapil Sharma is in Big Trouble these days. Kapil Sharma had recently abused and slapped Sunil Grover on a flight. Kapil Sharma went to the extent of calling Sunil Grover his servant.

On 21st Raju Srivastava posted this on facebook.

It is reported that Kapil Sharma was completely drunk and inebriated when he said so. Some eye witnesses on the flight say that Kapil Sharma had even thrown a shoe at Sunil Grover during this ill-fated flight.

Then he had shoot with Kapil Sharma on The Kapil Sharma Show.

Now, because of Kapil Sharma’s poor behavior, Sunil Grover and others have decided to boycott the Kapil Sharma show. This has lead to a huge embarrassment and problem for Kapil Sharma.

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