Why We Close Eyes While Kissing? Reason Revealed!

Kissing is not a very big deal nowadays. We often kiss our friends, lover or family to express our love and affection to them. There is a whole lot of variety while we talk about a kiss-there is single lip kiss, butterfly kiss, french kiss etc. But while performing any type, we close our eyes. So the question is why we close eyes while kissing?

Why we close eyes while kissing

A kiss or smooch is the best way to show your feelings to your loved ones. It is the best feeling ever. How can one concentrate in other work while one is kissing.

It requires all our attention. And scientists have finally discovered the real reason behind it.

Why we close eyes while kissing? Any guesses? No? Then scroll down!

Why we close eyes while kissing

According to them, our brain could concentrate only at one task while kissing. It is unable to focus on oter things, as kissing requires most of our attention.

Psychologists found that It is difficult for the brain to concentrate on another sensory organ in their experiment on vision and tactile sensory experience.

Why we close eyes while kissing

Pychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy said,”

Tactile [sense of touch] awareness depends on the level of perceptual load in a concurrent visual task.”

Other facts they came across during the experiment were-

1. A normal human eye can see only upto a distance of 25 cm and infinity without any strain. Therefore you would find it difficult to make an eye contact when you are this close.
2. Kissing is all about feeling and not watching.
3. While kissing your hearing senses won’t work well and this allows you to concentrate better.
4. Open eyes reduces the joy of kissing due to various distractions.
5. You could kiss for hours with closed eyes which is not possible if your eyes are not shut.
6. Closed eyes relaxes you when kissing.

Why we close eyes while kissing

It is true that kissing someone reduces calories by a very good amount and helps us relax. So there’s nothing bad kissing your partner every now and then.

Go ahead!

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