You Will Respect Virender Sehwag More After Knowing What He Did For A Farmer’s Son

We all know that former cricketer Virender Sehwag if the king of Twitter when it comes to sarcasm and wit. But, with this one move Sehwag has proved that he the king of hearts, not just comedy. So what exactly did Sehwag do?

Sehwag got to know,

Afterwords Sehwag posted this on facebook and twitter for help.

Satish is a farmer’s son who lost his leg in an accident. Hea appealed to Mr Amritanshu Gupta of Fever FM who heads Special Projects. Amritanshi coorectly believed that Viru Paji would be the best person to take help from.What Sehwag di next was brilliant. He asked his fans on Twitter to donate small amounts to Shwag foundation for Satish’s leg. Finally Sehwag fans including Cricketers like Bhajji and Virat Kohli managed to assemble 7/5 Lakhs needed for Satish’s high quality artificial leg.

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