Woman Gang Raped By 3 Men And Her Video Live Streamed On Facebook

We all have bragged upon how technology has been a boon to all of us.  Technology is a mixed blessing for the society. While the police day by day tries to get techno savvy by launching many safety apps for women. But criminals still try to circumvent those measures. Furthermore, we can not deny that everything has a dark side too. While social media is a boon to law

While social media is a boon to law care takers,  but it is also been used by the criminals for effecting their criminal activities. It probably depends on the user how he uses the technology.

Sweden witnessed one such incidence that one can’t even imagine

One such incidence happened in Uppsala, Sweden. Uppsala is at 70 kilometers north of Stockholm. A woman gang raped by  three men 18, 20 and 24  in an apartment at Uppsala. The woman was 30 years old. The entire torture was streamlined live on facebook for 3 hours. One of those members of the group informed the police about it. Thereafter, the police about the video the three men were arrested by police in her presence.

According to the reports, the entire ordeal was streamlined on a closed Facebook group with around 50,ooo members. the complainant filed by a person from Josefine Lundgren who saw the video. Consequently, police arrested the suspects.

According to the reports, the eye witnesses told the investigators that they have seen 3 men heading to the victim’s apartment. They all were having guns.

In a press conference, police asked all the social media users to share all those information they have about the horrific incidence with the police.

It was a despicable crime that makes anyone wonder how much lower a person can fall in humanity.

So, here is a compilation of the excerpts that one of the men published in the social media.

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