Woman Got Harassed By The Security Guard In Her Office’s Cab

Molestation cases is ubiquitous in the country with around 848 women being harrased, raped and killed on a daily basis. According to the National Crime Records Bureau—the government agency that keeps track of the country’s crime rate- the cases of women-abuse has steadily increased from the year 2009 onwards.

There was a sudden increase of 27% in rape cases since 2012. The whole country stood horrified at the terrible situation of the girl involved in Nibharya case in the 2012 case. The gang rape shocked everyone to the very core and the further details are still capable of giving you creeps.

Despite the discussions in the Parliament, several awareness campaigns and protests held by people in large numbers, the picture has not changed even a bit.

Here is yet another victim of harassment named Priya(name changed for the sake of privacy). She works at a multi national company which provided security guards to escort women employees who return home alone, late at night.


The company takes care of everything related to the safety of women employees heeding the increased molestation cases in the country.

Priya left the office at 1.30 in the night on Saturday, 22nd October 2016. Since there happened to be no security guard to accompany her at that time, the security supervisor, I Venugopal, offered to go with her.


He hopped onto the back seat with Priya instead of sitting on the front seat. He then started touching her inappropriately which pissed her off. Even after she asked him to sit on the front seat several times, he refused to stir.

The driver namely, Srikanth too did not stop the car. She asked the driver again and again to stop it and that she would shift to the front seat but he did not listen to her.

Luckily, Priya returned home finally without any harm but as soon as she entered the house, she informed her husband about her molesters.

Not sparing even a second more, they reported the incident to the Alwal Police Station. The policemen took further action and nabbed the two men under the section 354-A of the IPC, the very next day.

Sometimes those who promise to protect you from any danger causes you harm which is rather unsettling. Now the question is- Who should we trust?

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