This Woman Received Hundreds Of Dick Pics In Messages And What She Did Next?

It is no surprise nowadays if women get flirty messages on social networking sites from many perverts. This world is no short of such scumbags. They don’t hesitate to send sexually provocative messages to girls and grab their attention in as much unusual way as possible.

It can vary from sending pictures of their genitals to asking for sexual favors from them.

We, girls feel helpless before such creeps and most of the times don’t figure out how to respond to them. Most of us find it best to block them but some daunting personalities don’t fear to drag these creeps down to Hell.

One such woman is a U.K based Sarah Louise Jordan. She is a freelance writer from Surrey. This 28-year old did not shy away from denigrating such perverts publicly after she received an X-rated photo on Facebook.


She has written the best rejection to a stranger who sent her a picture of his genitals. Sarah compiled a two page letter full of wit and sarcasm.

Within a few minutes of her posting the letter on Facebook, it went viral on the Internet with people all praise for Sarah from all around the corner. It was shared on Twitter and people loved her cheeky response to all the perverts out there.

The two-page letter starts with the golden words- ‘Dear Sir, Thank You…, to create an ironic difference she wanted to make conspicuous. She punched the stranger hard on his face with this eloquent piece of work.

It further reads-‘We regret to inform you that it has failed to pass our most basic standards of quality control at this time.’



Written wholly in the form of a ‘corporate’ letter, this is one of the best rejection letter we will ever see on the Internet.

It was first shared by a Twitter user, Maellevie

We can clearly see that this attractive sepia-toned letter is certainly a magnum-opus by Jordan.

Beware cyber bullies!

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