Woman Remained Pregnant For 260 Weeks. You Will Get Goosebumps After Listening To Her Story

Being pregnant is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. She literally gives birth to a new human being. She keeps it alive, feeds it, provides it with necessary nutrients, and protects it from harm in her womb. Normal pregnancy period lasts for 9 months or 36 weeks. However, such is not the case with this lady. This woman remained pregnant for more than 5 years.

In this utterly shocking video, a woman is having a pumped up womb so big as that of an air balloon.

However, this viral video is made to aware people about the issue of maternity leave. Along with this, it aims to a greater cause thereby protesting against the unpaid maternity leave in the United States.

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Different countries have different rules concerning the maternity leave.

Maternity leave is the time period when a woman does not work-either she is pregnant or has adopted a baby. During this period she stops working. In India, Rajya Sabha passed the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill in 2016. It granted six months of maternity leave to a woman employee working in an organized sector.

But such is not the case in the USA. Despite being a developed country, it does not pay during the maternity leave of a woman.

woman remained pregnant

Therefore, this spoof was created with the sole aim of protesting against the USA government which does not avail maternity leave benefits to a woman.

In the video, this random woman remained pregnant for 260 weeks which counts up to 6 months approximately.

It is showing the plight of woman in the country who could not leave their workplace even during such a time. Instead of taking rest at home, she has to work 24/7.

Many raised their voices against it but nothing happened.

Countries which grant this leave are Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria etc. In the USA only some regions provide women with the maternity leave.

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