WOW! She Fell In Love With A Guy At The Reliance Fresh Store & Now She Is Searching Him On Twitter

Gone are the days when one of our classmates or a friend of sibling becomes our crush. Now in this day and date of online dating, people find their crush on social networking sites likes Tinder or Facebook. But have you ever heard about any love story that begins at a grocery store?

We come across several unique love stories every single day. But this one will really make you go aww. To our utter amazement our Twitter was filled with Reliance fresh.

Here’s what she tweeted, “To the cute guy who I saw at the Reliance Fresh today who was wearing Captain America t-shirt. If u see this let’s get married.”


Then, a Twitterati named Rishabh Bhandari took a jibe at the girl and tweeted, “Went to Reliance fresh today and this cute girl was staring like she wants to get married to me or maybe she liked my Captain America Tshirt”

Now the real fun started ;

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Now a serious marriage proposal.

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Single guy found.

Interesting Nain matakka.

How singles reacted.

Brand ambassador of Reliance Fresh.

Unavoidable tweet,

Indian Moms.


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