Yes, Kapil Sharma Did A Mistake But Aren’t We Doing One Too By Defaming Him So Badly?

Kapil Sharma is one of those actors who is known to be down to earth, sensitive and a humble person. Besides being the king of comedy, no one ever noticed any pride on his face. But from the last few days, Kapil has hit headlines and for all wrong reasons.

“He is arrogant and jealous of Sunil Grover”

“He couldn’t handle the popularity”

“Fame is not everybody’s piece of cake.”

These insensitive remarks about Kapil Sharma have surfaced the internet. If you don’t know the whole story then let us summarise it in few words.

Kapil along with his team had gone to Melbourne for a show. While returning back, Kapil got drunk in the flight and started abusing his team. Sunil Grover tried to calm him by telling him that abusing publicly doesn’t suit any celebrity like him. However, Kapil got aggressive and started abusing him in return and ended up hitting the actor.

Yes, this kind of behaviour is not expected from him. Yes, he was wrong when he ill-treated his co-actors. Definitely, they all are as important as Kapil. But is it okay to forget everything he had gone through to reach this stage and defame a person just for a single mistake? Yes, he did a mistake but aren’t we doing one too by defaming him?

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